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We create stunning mobile applications for a Global client base.

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We are a, passionate about technology, bunch of fellas that take pride in their work.

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Looking for the best mobile app developers in SA? You are at the right place. Since iPhone & iPod touch launched in 2008, the mobile game has attracted mobile game players in
ever-increasing numbers. Indeed, mobile game industry grown as smartphone uptake. Currently, chart-topping mobile games made good revenue in all over the iOS App Store and Google Play. A number of fundamental features remain core to the astounding success of the game industry on mobile platforms and continue to attract mobile the more users:

  • Mobile is the only major device most of the people explicitly use to for short time entertainment on the move and free time. Now day’s smartphones are coming with high configuration where the developer can render high quality graphics in game.
  •  As the mobile devices are designed & manufactured with high performance capability helping mobile game industry grow rapidly
  • Professional managed mobile game marketplaces are helping mobile app developers to monetize their games in different ways.

Website Design Durban – We specialize in creating the best dynamic, content-managed designed web sites, optimized for download speed and search engine indexing. In the process of designing your site, we will develop a look and feel that is appropriate for audience and consistent with your brand, with a primary focus on usability and ease of interaction. Fundamentally, we want users to get what they want as quickly as possible, without any frustrating experiences.

Digital-e-Brochures convert the printed word into electronic, fully interactive, 3D page turning forms of catalogues, manuals, brochures and promotional literature.


Our digital flipping page e-book services, specializes in providing services, to assist Publishers and Corporations create realistic page-flipping e-Publications or FlipBooks.

We buy food all the time. Whether it comes in a bag or a box, it is important that food is packaged so it won’t come in contact with unwanted bacteria or materials and is safe to consume. There are regulations and agencies that make sure producers use safe packaging for the food we buy. There are multiple types of packaging that protect and preserve food. Also packaging is important for finding out different information about the content and healthiness of the product you want to buy.

So why work in a flat world of packaging, if packaging is not just flat? Our packaging design studio services has a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging solutions.

  • Mobile apps, Mobile web development  Durban South Africa – Kagiso Interactive has now launched its new mobile web site development division and mobile strategy.
  • Rather than simply recreating a miniature desktop site for the mobile, Kagiso Interactive exploits the characteristics of the mobile phone as a communications device in order to help drive more customers to your business.
  • Whether you need a simple mobile site to start communicating with users on the go or need to manage complex content changes across both desktop and mobile channels, Kagiso Interactive can help.
  • Choosing the right mobile web development partner is an important decision.

Looking for a SEO company in Durban, South Africa for Seo services? Our team at Kagiso Interactive will provide the best performance for our customers’ web sites by using  the most appropriate SEO tools, internet marketing skills and search engine optimisation in order to get your web site onto page one, yes the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and other top search engines.

Please contact us for a free evaluation within 24 hours, of your site and we will get back to you with the way forward to get your site ranked on the top pages of google (mostly likely the 1st page of Google).

website design company in durban: If you are looking for a web design project that is second to none. Please contact us now to see how we can make your vision a reality. 

We have a special team that specializes in creative vector illustration graphics. Ranging from logos, mascots, caricatures, illustrations, cartoons, coins, & more!

We do not outsource any of the projects we take on. Everything is supervised right here at our in-house facility in Durban, South Africa.

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    Transact. Interact. Manage. Kagiso Interactive shares our vision of enabling commerce for both consumer and business customers.

    Paul Lipman,


    I have utilised the services of Kagiso Interactive IT Solutions for the past 2 years for PC problem solving and off site back ups. The response to problems is always very fast, resolved quickly and can usually be done remotely which saves me time. The off site data back ups happen seamlessly and without interrupting anything we have scheduled. Great service all round, I would not hesitate to recommend Kagiso Interactive Solutions.

    Ian Barratt,


    We are very happy that we found Kagiso Interactive awesome company. They rock in this field. They make everything Happen on time + on word to word details. Everyone should hire them.